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Balloon Circus

Balloon Circus is a charity that brings uplifting entertainment to disadvantaged children encouraging creative play in a nurturing yet stimulating environment.

Circus workshops provide the children with opportunities to learn new skills with balloons and circus equipment. We awaken the inner performer and empower the children to sharpen their physical, mental, and social skills. As experienced, conscientious performers we want to share our knowledge and skills to affect social change. Balloon Circus inspires smiles and laughter through a memorable and exciting experience.

Like many of us COVID-19 had a profound impact on their work. Jenny Alexander shares her experiences working for a Small International Charity during lockdown and the obstacles she overcame.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all of our lives. Many of us have experienced significant setbacks, whether it be the loss of a job, or the disruption of our daily routines. And for those in the entertainment and performing industry, the pandemic has been especially challenging, with no work and no travel for tours.
But despite these obstacles, we have seen incredible resilience and determination in our community. Today, I would like to share my story.
I had been working in the entertainment industry for many years when the pandemic hit. Alongside that I had set up Balloon Circus to share my skills with children around the world. With no travel in sight and no work in circus or balloon modelling in the UK, I found myself at a crossroads. But instead of giving up, I decided to use this time to focus on Balloon Circus.
For three long years, I sat at home like all of you, on zoom, dressing up, making friends and networking with SIDCN and doing all the FSI courses I could, to try and improve how we were operating and learning from the abundant expertise in the groups.
Because of that focused time, that I never had when I was on tour all year round, I held a raffle, successfully applied for a grant and have been offered pro bono help with sorting out the charity, fundraising and storytelling.
I also tried to make bedtime stories and balloon modelling videos for the kids and dreamed of the day when I could once again travel, perform and teach. And finally, that day came. With the recent opening of Japan, the grant, funds and donations in place, I was able to travel and teach for the first time in four years, the highlight of the tour being when a little boy who we taught last time, came out on the last day, picked up a spinning plate and spun it on the first go and told us he was wondering where we had been and was waiting for us to come back!”

Jenny Alexander, Founder


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