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SIDCN Small Charity Fest 2024 - Headline Speaker Announced

Join us on 27th June 2024 for our 2nd free online event as part of Small Charity Week. You can expect peer learning opportunities, speakers, networking and workshops.

This year our event is kindly sponsored by Fair Collective and Chris Knott Insurance.

SIDCN Small Charity Fest

This year's headline speaker session is sponsored by the Fair Collective and delivered by Partnership Bureau. The session "Shift The Power: Principled Power Protocols Session" aims to enhance awareness and implementation of Shift The Power (STP) principles among SIDCN members, fostering a culture of empowerment and collaboration within the network.

Partnership Bureau has developed a set of concepts, tools and training focused on Shifting the Power, by exploring how power dynamics present themselves between actors in the development space across the global north and south; how equitable practice can be developed for greater impact; and how how access can be developed more contextually to support diversity and inclusion.

At SIDCN Fest they will be focusing its activity on Principled Power Protocols. A tool developed to understand how power plays an integral part in development contexts and affects the relationship between intent and actual impact.

The session will be interactive with opportunity for members to work together in breakout rooms, with the ultimate objectives being:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of what Shift the Power means

  • Provide an overview of Principled Power Protocols (PPP) and how they can be applied

  • Empower members to take action and implement PPP to support Shifting the Power, and

  • Promote Peer-Focused support and accountability.


The Speakers:

co-founder of Partnership Bureau, boasts a rich background in development, notably serving as the former Director of International Development at Nesta's Challenge Works. With a prolific career spanning almost 30 years, she spearheaded impactful projects across Africa, Asia and Europe, leveraging her expertise across many sectors.

Partnership Bureau is forging practical tools and resources that support the use of principled power, partnership equity, and access to opportunities through collaboration. Programmes include Creative Futures, which empowers young people in Ghana to form cooperatives to generate circular economy income by reclaiming discarded construction materials to create culturally abstract art work for local and international markets.

Her extensive portfolio includes founding the Ghana Science and Technology Prize (GSTEP) and designing more than 25 challenges, in collaboration with esteemed partners like the World Bank, USAID, European Commission and the Ghana Ministry of Education. Adept in forging strategic partnerships, Constance excels in strategic and innovative programme design and training, affirming her commitment to addressing societal issues.

Beyond her pivotal roles, she contributes significantly to various boards: Results for Development UK, Architecture Sans Frontieres UK, Alma Mater Education and Welcome Home Foundation.

Research and Impact Advisor) is a Co-Founder of Partnership Bureau, a Ghana-based organisation focused on developing models of community agency, building effective partnerships and addressing power dynamics within development ecosystems.

Through MEST Africa, Bhavik has worked across Africa’s innovation, technology and entrepreneurship landscape, leading their research, impact and strategy functions with partners such as the Mastercard Foundation, the European Commission, UNICEF, Fondation Botnar and GIZ. Before this, Bhavik worked at Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation, working on a range of open innovation initiatives from STEM education in Ghana, youth and informal settlements in Sierra Leone, social innovation across the European Union, data-driven farming in Nepal, youth social entrepreneurship in the UK and more with partners such as USAID, UNDP, BRAC, UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), UK Business, Entrepreneurial and Industry Strategy (BEIS) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

Bhavik originally had a background in economics and worked in economic research and investment banking.


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