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 We connect, strengthen and champion   small charities internationally so they   are better able to support the   communities they serve. 

SIDCN started in 2016 as an online collective through Facebook. Now grown to a community of over 2,000 members, SIDCN’s aim is to amplify the voices of small international development charities building on the Network’s mutual support approach reinforcing kindred spirits and aspirations. SIDCN extends the voice of smaller organisations with advocacy in the UK drawing lessons to be learned and used in other countries.

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Our vision is an inclusive world supporting healthier, sustainable and empowered communities around the globe.

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Our mission is to connect, strengthen and champion Small International Development Charities so they are better able to support the communities they serve.

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Our values are:





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Your Stories

S.A.L.V.E. International is a small charity based in Jinja Uganda.

They run an impressive variety of projects that reduce the number of children living on the streets. All of them have education at their heart. The strict COVID lockdowns have seen the situation worsen for children in Uganda. Now the global cost of living crisis has forced many more children onto the streets, while also making it harder for charities like S.A.L.V.E. to help...


Become a member of our Facebook group

Join our active, community-owned groups who meet up every Friday and host special events through the year. We hold weekly get togethers for the exchange of latest news and ideas, from specific sectors to with on-demand sessions on agriculture, education and other key areas where we can all learn from innovative work. If you have further ideas, let us know and, together, we can organise.

The online community is an active forum of regular support and advice. Queries regarding the best banking institution, to operating systems, to cheering each other on funding successes and consolation in losses. It is a strong network of individuals who are passionate about international development and the impact of collaboration and global solidarity.

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Want to join us?

We are a volunteer-led organisation, run by and for its small international development members.

We are registered CIO and proud to be a representative body for thousands of small organisations across the UK and around the world.

Partners and funders

Partners & Funders

Thanks to Bond and FCDO.

Our infrastructure partners are:


Recent sponsors include Chris Knott Insurance and Thrive Recruitment.

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