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If you want to learn more about SIDCN feel free to reach out to us using the contact form, or email

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Get involved

​Participate in the Facebook group

Connect, share, discuss​.

SIDCN Connect

Every Friday at 8:30am GMT​. Join the Facebook group or email for Zoom details.

Thematic Meetups

Join one of the sector-specific or country-specific networking groups. Get in touch with if you want to add your group to this list!

Education Forum

Education Forum was born out of a desire to have more direct conversations about education programmes, school runnings and all things regarding education supporting charities. Members contribute to the success of the group and no one person leads it with sessions running every 6 weeks or so.


To get involved, please email with your name, charity, email address and the topic you are interested in learning more about - you will be added to the list to inform of the next session.

Working in Bangladesh Networking Group

A group for individuals working/volunteering for a small charity (or non-profit) which operates in Bangladesh. The group meets quarterly, via Zoom to share learnings, network and provide support.

Working in Kenya Networking Group

This group provides space for sharing learning and insight, and provides a structure for networking and collaboration between charitable/community organisations working in Kenya, regardless of country of registration. 


To get involved, please email with your name, organisation, role and email address.

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